Diary Entries 2014


We have been very busy finishing off our new raised beds part of our long term plan to work towards a more no-dig system of growing. We also hope to use these beds with children in the future as they are much more children friendly than the vegetable beds in the sloping field.


Wonderful start to the month! Welcome Hazel Mary Spencer born Feb 1st!
Fantastic water birth at home at Holyford (no not in the yurt unfortunately!).

Leo is a huge help around Holyford and loves nothing more than getting stuck in to a big job. A huge oak came down from Holyford woods into our neighbouring field in the recent storms. Jan and Leo did a fantastic job of cutting it into useful poles and firewood for the yurt and the house.

We have been enjoying kiwis all through the winter months, most of which were harvested by our friends Martin and Corrinne when they visited us in the Autumn.

However some kiwis were left on the vines and have ripened up over the winter, as the weather has been so mild these kiwis have not been damaged by frost and taste fantastic!

There has been lots of digging to do, planting new fruit trees and preparing the ground for planting.

Sometimes bringing its own rewards as Leo found a carrot from last year (still tasty!).

..and a slow-worm

Hazel is already joining in with jobs at Holyford.

We are still eating from the garden: leeks, lots of delicious purple (and white) sprouting broccoli, spinach, cabbage sprouts and kale as well as parsnips, celeriac, winter salad and pea shoots…and lots of kiwis!

which is lucky as all this hard work makes us very hungry…

..and tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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